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Welcome to Excel Tree Care

When it comes to experience, Excel Tree Care has 10 years of it. Feel confident in your choice to go with this fully licensed and insured family-owned business.


Hazardous tree removal is at the core of what we do. There are many reasons why a tree must sometimes be removed. Tyler and his staff are seasoned professionals when it comes to tree removals. We employ the latest techniques and rigging equipment to remove any size tree safely, without impacting your property. Contact us for a quote.


Stump grinding is the final step of the tree removal process. It allows the stump to be ground down below grade to allow for the planting of grass, trees, etc. Excel provides this service, giving our clients a “one-stop shop” for all their tree care needs.

We are able to travel up to 40 miles outside of Atlanta for a project. Whether you need your land cleared or your trees pruned to make them more attractive, we can help. Don’t wait. Contact us for a quote.


Pruning is one of our favorite services to perform! Pruning is something that adds value to our client’s property. We love leaving a job, knowing that we enhanced the beauty of their yard or home. Additionally, pruning can improve not only the appearance of a tree, but also its overall health. Contact us for a quote.


Tree cabling has been around since the early 1900s. For a very long time, steel cables were utilized. Steel cable is a very strong material when placed under a constant, stable load. But under dynamic loads that are found in a tree, steel cabling can break. Think of the biggest ships in the world—none are moored with cable. Rope is always utilized. We use the Cobra cabling system. It is easy to install, and hard to see in a tree from the ground. Contact us for a quote.

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We Provide 24 Hours Emergency Service

Here in Georgia when the ground gets too wet and the wind blows too hard, trees do come down. Call us immediately with your emergency needs

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Residential Services

Whatever service you need, Excel Tree Care prides itself on performing low-impact work on your property. Since he grew up as a backpacker, Tyler adopted the “leave no trace” camping ethic. He has transferred that belief and mindset over to tree work. You can expect thick sheets of ply-wood to be laid on turf and ground where heavy machinery will be crossing. All materials that will be coming down will be removed in a safe, controlled manner via ropes and lowering devices when necessary. We also perform a fine, detailed clean-up when priced accordingly.

  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown raising

  • Vista pruning
  • Crown thinning


  • Crown reduction
  • Structural pruning

  • Tree Removal
  • Limb Removal

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Excel Tree Care is “Trust Dale” certified and recommended. Tyler Lamb is a certified Arborist.

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