There are many reasons that you might need tree removal. Some may be for aesthetic purposes, some may be because a tree on your property poses a danger to your home or your family. You should know when it is time to get a tree removed by a professional so that you can have it done before it is too late.
Signs of a Dead/Sick Tree

When a tree is very sick or has already died, then chances are that it will need to be completely removed. Some sick trees can be healed, but most will only spread their disease to other trees in the area before dying sometime soon. A dead or sick tree can drop limbs or completely fall, which can cause serious damage to homes or cars and can be deadly to anyone nearby.
Here are some common signs of a dead or sick tree:

• All of the leaves have fallen off at the wrong time of the year and are not growing back.
• The bark of the tree is becoming brittle and falling off of the tree. It may crumble at your touch.
• Fungi or mushrooms are growing on the tree.
• The wood looks dead or some of the smaller branches have fallen off.
• Deep cracks can be seen in the bark of the tree.
Other Signs Removal Is Needed

Here are some other signs that you may need a tree removed:
• The tree is casting too much shade on the home or the roof, resulting in the growth of mold.
• The roots of the tree are growing up through the floor of the home or into the plumbing.
• The branches of the tree are dangerously close to power lines or the roof of the home (in many cases, tree trimming may get the job done in this case).

If you think a tree should be removed or you are worried that something is wrong with your tree for any reason, it’s best to call in a professional to take a look. This is the best way to know for sure if the tree is worth keeping or should be taken down.